Conifer Field Nursery Grower

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Conifer Field Nursery Grower

Postby DavidGerdes » Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:18 pm

Silvaseed Company, near Olympia Washington, seeks an experienced grower of conifer transplant seedlings for immediate employment. While level of management duties is negotiable we would show preference for, and envision a broad range of involvement from overseeing fumigation, laying out the planting, overseeing herbicide and other pest control activities, scheduling fertilizing, irrigation and other cultural activities, Inventory and packing. Should have relevant record keeping skills, Applicator's License and the ability to cooperate with and direct an already good support staff. From one year contract to extended involvement possible. Compensation negotiable and commensurate. If you like growing trees, here's a great opportunity to do so with an established regional producer. Please contact us at Silvaseed Company, POBox 118, Roy, Washington, 98580 or 253.843.2246

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