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How to Use this Forum

Postby ddrummond » Wed Jan 20, 2016 5:07 pm

Welcome to the RNGR Forum! At the 2014 Western Nursery meeting, attendees expressed how important the annual meetings are for growers to discuss issues, technology, and other topics pertinent to plant production and outplanting success. But, they wanted a way to communicate year round. This Forum was set up to meet that need. We hope you will find it useful to collaborate, discuss, and network with colleagues in the nursery, reforestation, and restoration community.

To use this forum, you must first register using the link at the top-right of the forum page. Your registration will then be approve by an administrator and you will receive an email within one week. Once registered, you can login and add a post by clicking on the relevant forum category and then selecting “New Topic” or you can respond to a specific post by clicking on “Post Reply” below the post. Please make sure your postings are relevant and professional.
You can also access the forum on your smartphone through the “TapaTalk” app. To do this, simply download the app and add “RNGR Forum” to your feed.

For detailed information on how to change settings, troubleshoot login or posting issues, and much more, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions:
Daniel J Drummond
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Southern Regional Extension Forestry

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